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my personal expression

same people said "buat apa nak susah-susah buat, beli je la". yes i know the easiest way to make wedding preps done fast are to buy all ready made. you might have a huge budget to buy all things, but my budget is not as huge as yours. with a small budget, it is difficult to get things suite with my taste. budget sikit of course barang pon asal ada. yes, ukur baju di badan sendiri and that's why i decided to diy. i didn't say that my diy is awesome, but the satisfaction value when doing it. this is my personal point of view.

and i thought that people close to me may help, but i am definitely wrong. and now i know'
"sendiri nak kahwin, sendiri la buat". from now on i promised to myself. i wouldn't ask for people to help. i am hurt.

a big thank you to my fiance for the endless support.
***you + me = us***

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nuha dearie~~ kite pun support awk taw! org yg budget besa mmg bole gune duit je utk beli itu ini.. org yg budget ciput mcm kite2 ni, hanya mampu diy je utk dptkan ape yg kite nk.. right?

tp itu x penting pn.. yg penting bile buat sendiri, kite lebih puas hati.. kepuasan yg xde tandingan nye.. kalau x cantik mane pn, kite tetap puas hati sbb itu hasil keje kite sendiri.. (ingatan utk diri sendiri jugak.. hee)

tamo sedih2 lg ye nuha~ smile always :)

jangan sedih2 ye nuha. we just do our own je senang. kadang2 nak minta tolong org ni pun ade yang tak diendahkan. so the best thing is try to solve it by ourself,better insyaAllah. selebihnya berdoa byk2 pd Allah.

tq kikin for the support :)

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